Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mary Anne Koger on WGHP 8

        Mary Anne Koger became WGHP's Romper Room teacher in 1969 when Margot Williams left the position after an eight month tenure. The show lasted until late 1977.

Margot Williams on WGHP 8 in 1969

     Margot Williams took over as WGHP's Romper Room teacher in January 1969 after Libba Hinkle left. Mrs. Williams stayed for eight months.

Limbo the Clown on WGHP 8

      Limbo and the Little Rascals debuted on May 22, 1967. The show was later re-named Limbo's Cartoon Circus. Libba Hinkle was the original Limbo until January 1969. That is when Patty Halo took over the role of Limbo. Limbo's co-stars were Beauregard the Leprechaun and Reginald Rightbad.

"Miss Libba" Elisabeth Hinkle on WGHP 8

       Miss Libba Hinkle was WGHP's Romper Room teacher from September 13, 1965 until she left the station in January 1969. She was then part of the WFMY 2 news team until moving to New York in 1970 to work for a tv station there as a producer.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Remembering Woody Durham

After Charlie Harville left WFMY in 1963 to join WGHP 8, Woody Durham became the sports director at WFMY 2. Mr. Durham left WFMY in 1977. He became the news/sports director at WRDU 28 in Durham, NC effective September 1, 1977.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

WGHP 8 Dialing For Dollars Timeline 1968 - July 18,1980

     Channel 8 in High Point, NC aired a morning movie for a couple of years before Dick Bennick was promoted to promotions manager in 1968. After Mr. Bennick started the "Dialing For Dollars" concept, it became very popular. So much so that by the time the new fall tv season rolled around, an afternoon edition was added to WGHP's schedule. Dick Bennick remained the host until July 1969. That is when Jerry Merritt took over and stayed on until July 1972. Suasn Caras came on board in July 1972 when Jerry Merritt left WGHP. Jo Nelson became the new hostess in June 1973 after Susan Caras left. Jo Nelson stayed with the show until it ended on Friday July 18, 1980. Please click on images to enlarge.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Susan Caras joins WGHP 8 in 1972

   Miss Susan Caras began working at WGHP channel 8 in High Point, NC on Monday July 10, 1972. Jerry Merritt was leaving the station so Miss Caras assumed his assignments. She became the hostess of the very popular " Dialing for Dollars" . She also did the "Around Town" segments on the news shows along with reporting the weather. Miss Caras was with WGHP until she left in the spring of 1973 at which time Miss Jo Nelson joined the staff and took over the duties of Miss Caras.