Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Old Rebel & Pecos Pete

The Old Rebel & Pecos Pete Show is the first local show for kids that I have memories of. The show spanned three decades from the fifties through the mid-seventies. The show originally aired on weekday afternoons and sometimes on Saturday mornings. By the mid-sixties Pecos Pete ( Jim Tucker ) had left the show and the show started airing on weekday mornings where it remained for the rest of it's run. In the early sixties, Pecos Pete came to my elementary school and did his cowboy act of rope tricks and music for all the students. This was at Beulah Elementary School in Mount Airy, North Carolina. Each student paid ten cents for a ticket to the show. All 385 seats of the old Auditorium were sold. Pecos Pete put on a heck of a show for $38.50 but this was a lot of money in the sixties. More on the Old Rebel Show later.............

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