Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Carolina

During the recent analog to digital transition, I purchased a couple of those converter boxes to use with my older tv sets that are connected to an outdoor antenna. I discovered that channel 12, WXII in Winston-Salem has a sub-channel (12.2) called "This Carolina". The channel features movies and vintage tv shows from the MGM/United Artists library. It is the tv shows that I am most interested in. So far I have seen Sea Hunt,Bat Masterson,The Patty Duke Show and Mr. ED. The video quality of these shows is excellent. I have not seen these shows look so good since the sixties. If your tv is a newer model which is digital ready you can receive this channel via cable or traditional antenna. The off air digital signal you get from an antenna is far superior to any cable or satellite dish I have ever had. I have got my hopes up for the addition of more tv shows to the schedule.


bwfan414 said...

I am so excited about the possibilities that now exist thanks to HDTV. I am aware that there are several different TV networks on local HDTV subcarriers nationwide. I am so pleased that we have one of those channels in our media market. I will soon be in the market for an HDTV and now have even more reason to buy one.


bwfan414 said...

I meant to say that I am aware that there are HDTV networks that run the old shows we know and love. I am glad that one of them is now in our media market.

Carroll W Hall said...

I am hoping for one of the other channels in the Piedmont to pick up the Retro Television Network for one of their sub-channels.Right now WRAZ in Raleigh is the closest North Carolina channel that has it.The antenna I currently have just won't reach it from where I live.