Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dance Party - WFMY 1960

How many of you remember Dance Party on channel 2 each Thursday afternoon? It was sponsored by Royal Crown Cola or as most people called it " RC ". WFMY at that time was broadcasting between 3 and 4 hours of live programming each day not counting the news broadcasts. Those were the days for local television.

Please click on this link to view some great photos that include one of Bob Waddell and a Dance Party Queen and a photo of the Dance party tv show.These great photos were shot by Buddy Moore who worked at WFMY:


in-gun-ear said...

Local TV is going back to local to differentiate from cable channels. What is old, is new again!

Carroll W Hall said...

Hey I am looking forward to that.Hope it is soon.

Unknown said...

I think the name of the last contestant in the old news blurb was Georgina Sartin, not Fartin! LOL typo!