Monday, February 16, 2015

Greensboro Cable Channel 7

Thanks to Eric Wilson for submitting this ad from 1970. My area did not get cable until 1990. Does anybody remember this channel ?

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Eric said...

After I sent you that, I did a little bit more rooting around and found Greensboro Cablevision's dazzling ten channel lineup from 1970.

6: Time, weather and music
7: Local programming and movies
11: NY Stock Exchange
13: 24 hrs. AP News: In 1967, the system advertised a "full-time news channel" and I'm guessing it was this, and I'm guessing "this" was either a primitive electronic version of the AP wire service feed or a camera pointed at a paper teletype.
28: WRDU: Now WRDC, it was the Raleigh-Durham NBC affiliate at the time, but just barely (for a number of reasons).
48: WUBC: Greensboro's ill-fated original channel 48, which signed off "temporarily" at the end of July '70 to get reorganized (financially and technically) and never came back.

In a whiff of things to come, Cablevision doing their own programming was a real bone of contention with the local broadcast stations. In 1968 the Triad stations actually lodged a complaint with the FCC, but considering everything that happened to cable/CATV in the 70s, it probably didn't get very far.