Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Morning News - WGHP Aug.1965

Martin Brennaman and Aquilla Thacker on channel 8 in 1965. Martin graduated from the University of North Carolina before beginning his broadcasting career at WGHP.


in-gun-ear said...

Martin Brennaman is the same Marty Brennaman who now is the play-by-play radio announcer of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Team. He is also a recipient of the Ford C. Frick Award presented by the Baseball Hall of Fame to broadcasters.

Aquilla Thacker fell off the face of the Earth after her stint at WGHP. Whereabouts unknown.

Both were unknown to me until you posted this. Shows you how many people have come through WGHP in its almost 50 years of existence.

Carroll W Hall said...

Yes I saw plenty of folks come and go on WGHP.This show did not last very long.I believe Aquilla's last name is now Ruffner and living in Virginia Beach,Va.Have you ever heard anyone at channel 8 mention Joseph Mannion?

in-gun-ear said...

Can't say that I have, but then the number of people who have been there from the start are now zero. The longest is at 35 years and counting I believe.

When I started there 20 years ago, the number of people who had been there from day one were fairly high compared to what you would normally see in broadcasting.

Most of the names that get passed around these days (when they are passed around) are from the early 70's. Very few from the 60's these days.