Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cheyenne 1961

I grew up on a small farm about 8 miles west of the small town of Mount Airy,NC during the fifties and sixties. It was a real treat if we got a chance to go to town maybe once a month on a Saturday morning. Back then I would save up my nickels so I could buy and trade used comic books from a nice, elderly gentleman by the name of Bill Whitaker. His news stand was in a small room to the right of the entrance of the "Canteen". By the way, the Canteen had the best hamburgers in town and they served their bottles of "Pop" ice cold in the bottle, but that is a story for another time. Anyway I was going through some old stuff the other day and came across this old Cheyenne comic from 1961. It is the Oct/Nov issue #24. The comic brought back all those great memories of my days of dealing with Mr. Whitaker. If you click on the image to enlarge it, you can probably see the store stamp on the back cover. The original owner of the comic bought it new at Roses 5-10-25 cent store in Galax, Virginia. Bill Whitaker's news stand and the Canteen have been long gone.There is an alley decorated with greenery leading to one of the town's public parking lot's. The alley is where the building once stood.

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The Great Bolo said...

I had this CHEYENNE comic book too. I remember the cover. By this time,DELL had raised its prices to a ghastly 15 longer STILL 10 cents.