Friday, March 20, 2009

The Texan 1968

This ad is from October 2,1968. Timeless Media has released 70 episodes of this series in a 10 disc DVD set. I would rate this set as very good.When the credits roll at the end, some of the episodes have the original sponsor image intact, such as Viceroy cigarettes and Praise soap. Generally, it is those episodes that are the sharpest. When the show went into syndication, the sponsor image was replaced by the state of Texas. Which brings up another point. Timeless Media says that the show had not been seen since being re-run on the ABC network in 1962. That was not the case here in North Carolina. The show aired here in reruns each Wednesday night from early 1966 until the spring of 1969. Within that same timeframe the show also ran Monday through Friday on WNBE in New Bern,NC. The last confirmation I have for the show airing in Winston-Salem is on Saturday afternoons in 1970. It is hard to imagine that North Carolina was the only area that got the show in syndication.


The Great Bolo said...

I used to watch THE TEXAN and remember its syndication run on WSJS. The station also 'played it off' on BOB GORDON's show on weekend.

I also remember watching M SQUAD reruns Sunday nights at 11:00 around 1966-67 on Channel 12. It signified to me the end of the weekend as school was awaiting the next morning.

bwfan414 said...

This is excellent!!!! I was born in Lexington,NC,and now live in High Point. I just happened to find this blog via a Google search. This is awesome. It brings back memories of my childhood. Thank you so much for bringing back such wonderful memories.

Carroll W Hall said...

Thanks bwfan414.There is more to come.Stay tuned.